Management Structure

The research programme is developed in consultation with the Department of Health Policy Research Programme and relevant policy teams in the Department of Health.

Project Management Group

Our internal management structures include a Project Management Group. Comprising all the main collaborators and chaired by the Director, its role is to oversee and support the progress of projects and their integration into the wider work of the Consortium.

Phase 2 (2011-2019)

Chair: Mark Petticrew, Director

Members: Ashley Adamson, John Dodd, Hilary Graham, Gerard Hastings, Catherine Law, Sally McManus, Christine Power, Mark Sculpher, Amanda Sowden, Martine Stead, Martin White and Margaret Whitehead.

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Phase 1 (2005-2011)

Chair: Hilary Graham, Director

Members: Brian Ferguson, Christine Godfrey, Gerard Hastings, Catherine Law, Sally Macintyre, Sally McManus, Stephen Platt, Christine Power, Nigel Rice, Catherine Shaw, Amanda Sowden, Martin White and Margaret Whitehead.

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Consortium Managment Group

A smaller Consortium Management Group supports the Director in monitoring the Consortium's programme and its links with users and providers.

For 2011-2019, the Consortium Management Group is chaired by the Director, Mark Petticrew, and the members are Ashley Adamson, Catherine Law and Amanda Sowden.

For 2005-2011, the Consortium Management Group was chaired by the Director, Hilary Graham, and the members were Catherine Law, Mark Petticrew, Stephen Platt, Nigel Rice and Amanda Sowden.

International Advisor

The consortium is also supported by an international advisor, Professor Johan Mackenbach, to facilitate access to international developments in public health research.