Professor Brian Ferguson

Professor Brian Ferguson is the Director for Knowledge & Intelligence (Northern and Yorkshire) at Public Health England, having previously been Director of the Yorkshire & Humber Public Health and Quality Observatories since 2004, and Co-Director of the Northern and Yorkshire Cancer Registry & Information Service since April 2010. Brian was Chair of the UK & Ireland Association of PHOs from April 2006 to March 2011.

Brian is a health economist by background, previously holding posts as Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Economics, University of York, and Professor of Health Economics in the University of Leeds. He was a member of the National Public Health Career Scientist Award Panel for five years and was a PCT non-executive director for four years. Brian was a member of NICE’s Public Health Interventions Advisory Committee from 2005-08, and is a member of the Programme Advisory Board of the NIHR Public Health Research Programme. He is a member of the International Editorial Board for the journal Public Health. Brian was admitted to the UK Public Health Register in February 2007.

Involvement in the Public Health Research Consortium


  • Member of the PHRC Project Management Group, 2011-


  • Member of the PHRC Project Management Group, 2005-2011