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Scoping and feasibility study to develop and apply a methodology for retrospective adjustment of alcohol consumption trend data

Multiple risk behaviours and interventions to reduce multiple risk behaviours – what do we know?



The Development of Tools to Measure Norms Towards Smoking, Nicotine Use, and the Tobacco Industry

Plain tobacco packaging: A systematic review


A Review of Young People and Smoking in England

A Systematic Review of the Effects of Price on the Smoking Behaviour of Young People

An Economic Model of Adult Smoking Related Costs and Consequences for England

Estimating the Costs to the NHS of Smoking in Pregnancy for Pregnant Women and Infants

Evaluating the Impact of Picture Health Warnings on Cigarette Packets

Evaluation of Smokefree England: a Longitudinal, Qualitative Study

National Tobacco Control Policies: do they have a Differential Social Impact?

Tobacco Control, Inequalities in Health and Action at the Local Level in England

Using qualitative research to inform interventions to reduce smoking in pregnancy in England: a systematic review of qualitative studies

Diet and obesity


Research to support the evaluation and implementation of adult cooking skills interventions in the UK: Phase 1

Research to support the evaluation and implementation of adult cooking skills interventions in the UK: pilot RCT with process and economic evaluation components: Phase 2


How do young people engage with food branding?

Obesity in ethnic minority children and adolescents: developing acceptable parent and child-based interventions in schools and places of worship

Scoping review on evaluation of Healthy Start

The changing social patterning of obesity: an analysis to inform practice and policy development

The process and impact of change in school food policy on food and nutrient intake both in and outside of school

What scope is there for averting the adverse health effects of obesity? Investigating the role of physical activity

Living and working conditions


In what circumstances can parental employment improve child health?

Is control in the living environment important for health and wellbeing?


Helping chronically ill or disabled people into work: what can we learn from international comparative analyses?

Shiftwork and health: a systematic review

​Multiple risk behaviours


Multiple risk behaviours among parents with dependent children

Children and young people


PEAR: Our Voices, Our Health (Young People's Public Health Reference Group)

Cross-cutting projects


Identifying appropriate methods to incorporate concerns about health inequalities into economic evaluations of health care programmes

Prescribing patterns of dependence forming medicines

Promoting health and protecting the environment: a systematic review of qualitative research of behaviours with health and environmental benefits


Assessing the challenges of applying standard methods of economic evaluation to public health programmes

Tackling inequalities through the social determinants of health: Building the evidence base

Will policies for the early years reduce inequalities in health? A synthesis of evidence to inform policy development, using the examples of unintentional injury and childcare